A quick thank you

There’s a website I’d never heard of before, but should have, who started showing up on my blog stats for some ridiculous number of referrals.  This website is called Unknown Highway.  This website is hilarious and has a great collection of some of the most random links and sites you will find out there.

I was honored to be on their list of “Bizarre Blogs”.

Am I offended?  Nope.

Do I disagree with the concept of my blog being bizarre?  Definite no.

I appreciate the traffic, and even though I clearly don’t get the same number of hits per day as these guys do, I thought I’d make a special post about them just so you can go see for yourselves.

Once again: Unknown Highway 

Cheers, unknownhighway guys!


5 Responses

  1. There was one time my old blog was featured on a fetish website for killing bugs with your feet. Not kidding. I had written a post about how a black widow went after me in the garage once and I stomped on it, only to have it crawl from the bottom of my shoe to the top of my foot….and then I stomped on it repeatedly. ANYWAYS..one day I start getting all these crazy hits from this site…I went to check it out…and seriously…it was a fetish site. Just when we think WE’RE the bizarre ones!

    Thats kinda mean tho. Jerks.

  2. Thanks for letting us know about that site – I’ll peruse it more thoroughly when I have some free time.

    Good to know that you’re feeling better. I look forward to more good news!

  3. I was actually serious. I think it’s a funny site. They were never uncomplimentary about my blog, aside from calling it a bizarre subject matter. I don’t think any of us would disagree with that, though.

  4. Sorry Annie, couldn’t let it pass. I just had a look at “Unknown Highway”. Its one of the worst websites I’ve ever encountered : a perverse adolescent predatory schoolboy self-indulgence, fodder for zombies, assembled by a wanker. The time and energy the author has put into maintaining that site really could be spent on something more worthwhile, couldn’t it ? But no, the author has a sick socially conditioned need to ridicule everything that doesn’t measure up to HIS ideas about what is normal and acceptable.

    I disagree with you and him : your blog is not bizarre. It is in fact warm and genuine and human. It ridicules no-one. Instead it has an underlying purpose of helping out other agoraphobics. And it is good therapy for you.

    If I was you I’d have exposed the author of “Unknown Highway”, sought a court order for the suppression of the site, and sued him for a million dollars. There’d be lawyers out there who’d do that pro bono, I reckon. And judges and juries who’d sympathize with you for sure. More importantly it would wipe the smug, idiot grin off the author’s face – and maybe teach HIM a thing or two about anxiety and suffering.

    Hats off to you though, for the graciousness with which you accepted the abuse.

  5. To Graham: Let us not forget the First Amendment right of free speech. Nothing uncomplimentary was said on Unknown Highway except that agoraphobia was placed under the bizarre fetish category. To most people agoraphobia IS bizarre, let’s face it. You can’t go around suing people for “a million dollars” in frivolous lawsuits just because they don’t like you or your blog. This is America and we all have our right to our opinion like it or not as outlined in the Constitution. That’s what makes America a “free country.” I suggest you do a little reading of our constitution before you go running off at the mouth dispensing legal advice you know nothing about.

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