Relatively Anxiety Free Sunday

What a relief.  I actually have good reason to be pretty proud of myself today.  I told you earlier today about going to the “comfortable” bar with Alli.  I didn’t have much stress about it when I was writing, but had that feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Even as I stopped at the corner store, and made my way across town to the bar, I kept waiting for the panic to set in.  I walked in the bar, saw only familiar and friendly faces, and still waited for the panic to set in.  Nothing.

Finally about halfway into my first of two drinks, I unclenched a bit and was able to relax and have fun.  Sunday afternoons are pretty quiet and uneventful there, which is why I go at that time.  I stayed for just under two hours, and decided it was getting crowded enough to signal it was time to go home.  My friend who was bar tending today  refilled my glass with a third drink while I wasn’t looking.  This would normally make me stay for the drink out of guilt, and then force myself to “wait it off” for another hour before I was comfortable driving home.  But I remembered writing here in this blog before I left, and saying specifically to avoid such a situation.  I told her I love her to death and would love to spend more time with her, but that I really needed to go.  Guess what.  It wasn’t a big deal.  She didn’t feel slighted.  I’d spent enough time that she didn’t feel I was blowing her off.  I left at the perfect time.  The great majority of my outing was pleasant.

I drove home without incident or panic of any kind.  It was a good day.  Other people would consider it boring, but I feel pretty triumphant.

2 Responses

  1. You’re so brave! Congratulations!

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